Kavanaugh’s Righteous Anger

Brett Kavanaugh is furious. He yelled and cried before the Senate Judiciary Committee during his opening statement. This display of emotion, though controversial, does not make him right or wrong. It does make him human. Kavanaugh believes his own innocence, and whether you find him credible or not, he sticks to what he believes in.

That’s more than can be said for Senate Democrats, who abandoned many of the progressive principles they claim to hold dear.

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford begged Sen. Feinstein to keep her anonymous. Instead, someone leaked her letter to the press. Republicans could not possibly be guilty of this, because only Democrats had seen the letter at the time it was leaked. Feinstein refused to let her colleagues on the right to read the letter, even with redactions. When Ford testified, “My worst nightmare has been realized,” Feinstein should have been ashamed.

Feinstein, for her part, told the committee that Ford herself must have leaked the story. If Feinstein believes, as she has told us, that Ford is a victim, then Feinstein is literally victim-blaming.

Feinstein sat on Ford’s letter for 6 weeks. She could have called for an investigation the day she received it. If Feinstein were a decent human being, she would have gone to Kavanaugh immediately with the accusation, and then turned it over to the F.B.I. if she still found it credible. Instead, Feinstein waited until the 11th hour and then destroyed this man’s name, his daughters’ memories, and his school’s reputation. She insists she believes survivors and supports women. Why, then, has she treated Christine Blasey Ford so horribly? Ford trusted Feinstein to keep her allegation – and her name – confidential. Feinstein did neither, and her fellow Democrats helped use this woman for their own ends.

In addition to their mistreatment of Ford, the self-described “party of science” has disregarded all reason by pretending evidence doesn’t matter. Ford has not a single witness to the event who can say that Kavanaugh assaulted her. That does not mean she is lying. It only means she can’t prove her accusation. I don’t doubt that something terrible happened to her, and I don’t doubt that Kavanaugh was a little punk in high school. Do I know if those things coincided in a sexual assault? I do not.

Senate Republicans wanted Ford to make her case, and offered to send staff to Ford in California so that she could testify. (Ford’s own lawyers betrayed her by not telling her about the offer, and apparently the Democrats – those staunch allies of women and assault victims – never thought to mention it to her.)

After emotional testimony from both Kavanaugh and Ford, evidence must be weighed on the scales of justice. There are zero witnesses who have said that Kavanaugh was even present at the social gathering Ford describes. According to Kavanaugh, there are 4 people who say they have no memory of such an event ever happening.

In addition, the Democrats insist on pretending that the FBI investigates state-level crimes (it does not). Sen. Dick Durbin, among others, repeatedly called for an FBI investigation. What could the FBI possibly investigate? There is not a single witness to the event at the house where Ford says Kavanaugh assaulted her. Perhaps the FBI could find out when Mark Judge worked at Safeway. That knowledge would get us no closer to the truth, but that’s not what Democrats care about. The investigation would require a delay, and so the Democrats insisted on it.

Some of the Democrats’ regression bordered on puritanical. Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-NJ) grilled Kavanaugh on his friend Mark Judge’s drinking. Whether Kavanaugh ever assaulted anyone or not, he is not now and has never been responsible for what Mark Judge drinks. Modern science holds that addiction is a disease – a disease that Judge had, not Kavanaugh. And yet, Kavanaugh is punished for it in the court of public opinion.

This entire circus begs the question of WHY Senate Democrats would publicly neglect all reason. Could it be that this is payback for Merrick Garland? Garland, at least, had the luxury of fading out of the public eye. Garland never had to explain who he was, or wasn’t, in high school. The Garland family has not been tortured with unsubstantiated accusations of gang rape. His reputation remains intact. If this is their revenge, it’s entirely disproportional.

However, revenge seems unlikely. Democrats didn’t do this to Trump’s first nominee, Neil Gorsuch. Only when the balance of the court is in question does the Left pull out all the stops – and go against so many of their own ideals. This reeks of desperation. (If they thought Roe v. Wade was constitutional, they should have every reason to support Kavanaugh, a strict constitutionalist!)

Democrats had a chance to handle this the right way. Instead, they’ve put both the accuser and the nominee through hell, pretended evidence is superfluous, and demonized an alcohol problem that Kavanaugh probably never had. Their methods damage their message, and damage their key witness, Dr. Ford.

This event has degraded our discourse. This is a setback for all Americans who care about honesty, safety, and the truth. It’s no wonder Kavanaugh is furious. We all should be, too.

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