Hillary Won't Quit the Blame Game

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She blames sexism, Julian Assange, Bernie Sanders, and many more. She also swipes at President Trump: In the book, she calls him “a creep” and his Inauguration speech “a cry from the white nationalist gut.” How un-gracious, to lose a contest and hurl those labels at the winner. It simply reads like sour grapes. (For the record, Trump’s inauguration speech had a few isolationist sentences, but nothing in it was racist.)

Hillary also blames James Comey, former FBI Director, for her loss. She writes, “If not for the dramatic intervention of the FBI director in the final days, we would have won the White House.” That could just as easily be rewritten, “If not for my illegal and unethical email practices, not to mention having my aides smash my hard drives, we would have won the White House.” Alternatively, the sentence might read “If not for the FBI director deciding not to charge me before the investigation was complete, I might be in prison right now.”

Even Jill Stein is not safe from Hillary’s blame game. She writes that Stein received enough votes in some states that – had those votes gone to her (Hillary) instead – she might have won the election. It’s awfully presumptuous for Hillary to think that every single one of those Stein votes would have gone to her if Stein wasn’t running. Green Party votes are usually protest votes, anyway.

Speaking of the voters, Hillary blames them (us!) too. She says that we “misunderstood” her ‘deplorables’ comment, and that she wasn’t taking aim at all Trump supporters. To her credit, she’s right about this – the transcript of that quote shows she thinks only half of Trump supporters were “deplorables.” “I don’t hate all of you, I only hate half of you” is still not a good message.

Hillary also claims that Obama should have done more to campaign for her. That’s rich, considering how Hillary spread racist rumors about Obama back in 2008, and how Obama was busy running the country in 2016.

Of course, Hillary blames “Russian meddling” most of all. Russia didn’t want her to win, sure, but Russia also didn’t set up her email server, tell her to lie about it repeatedly, or stop her from campaigning in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. (Russia also didn’t hack voting machines or change a single ballot.)

As for that email kerfuffle, Hillary writes, “It was a dumb mistake. But an even dumber ‘scandal.'” Her scare quotes don’t make this any less of a scandal, and no one sets up a homebrew server mistakenly. No one hires BleachBit to wipe their devices mistakenly. No one selectively withholds certain emails from the State Department mistakenly. She did all of those things intentionally, and then lied to the American people repeatedly about the matter.

Hillary still hasn’t figured out that her biggest hurdle is her visible lack of integrity and transparency. That blind spot may have stopped her presidential ambitions, but it isn’t slowing her down. She told CBS, “I am done with being a candidate. But I am not done with politics because I literally believe that our country’s future is at stake.”

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